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Bottom Tank

SKIPPER ETNSTCI Ice Protected Combo Tank

  • Ice Protected Combo Tank
  • DNV approval as standard
  • Other approvals on request

The ETNSTCI is an Ice Protected Combo Steel Tank. It is designed for transducers made by SKIPPER Electronics, but could also be used for other sensors with special adaptors.


Tank type:
  • Ice Protected Combo Steel Tank
Opening Diameter:
  • 100 mm
Hull type:
Tank material:
  • Steel
Flange material:
  • N/A
Approval with part number:
  • ETNSTCI Standard with DNV approval
  • ETNSTCI-ABS With ABS approval
  • ETNSTCI-BV With BV approval
  • ETNSTCI-LR With LR approval
Mandatory Accessories:
  • A-PACKING Special packing materials
  • 35 kgs
Designed for:
  • ETN050BEL 50 kHz transducer with 25 m cable
  • ETN050BELX 50 kHz transducer with 40 m cable
  • ETN200FS 200kHz transducer with 25 m cable
  • ETN200FSX 200kHz transducer with 40 m cable
  • Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network